Pool Specifications


Our pool units are 1.67m high, and 2.5m wide. The pool fiberglass shell is 2.35m wide and 1.45m deep, and come with: duel access internal stairs for easy pool entry (but leaving your swimming lane clear so you can swim the entire length); a standard floating cover; a child safety ledge along the length of the pool; a chlorine filtration system and of course, our crafted hardwood decking finish. All our pools are pre-wired and plumbed in factory to make installation as simple as possible.

You can personalise your container swimming pool with a choice of: exterior container colours; fibreglass shell colours; WiFi; salt and/or mineral purification systems; a variety of hardware choices such as mood lighting and swim jets; heat pumps; having your pool as a freestanding unit or incorporated into your deck. Standard fibreglass colours are Pacific Blue and Blue Spring. There is a tinting charge for other fibreglass colour selections.

All our pools are 100% built in New Zealand to ensure that they are best suited to New Zealand climate, geology and regulatory requirements. You may choose to install your own pool or we have a full installation service available. Either way, we are only ever just a phone call away.

Our pools also have COMMERCIAL and THERAPEUTIC applications –please call us to discuss.

There is also the option to order a NAKED pool. Your container pool will arrive unclad, ready to be fully enclosed in decking. Savings depend upon the model selected. Please contact us to enquire.

All of our pricing is ex-factory and includes GST. Prices do not include delivery, council consent if required, any additional electrical costs in getting the power feed from your source to the pool or any landscaping requirements.

Other Applications

Our pools are also ideal for commercial operations and are used in a range of facilities such as:

  • Schools
  • Sports Clubs
  • Motels & Hotels
  • Sports Injury Recovery

Optional extras for each range:

• External stairwell (for free standing units)
• Swim Jets –a single jet system or the more powerful double jet system
• Saltwater Chlorinator
• Mineral Chlorinator
• A heat pump to extend your swimming season or swim all year round.
• A heat pump pre-plumb if you would prefer to fit one later
• LED pool lighting
• Thermal or Debris pool covers
•  Polished stainless steel pool cover rollers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pools made of?

BIG CHANGES with the arrival of our Generation 3 pools. Previously, our pools were constructed using 1 trip as new shipping containers. We never used the top half of the shipping containers because they aren't as strong as the bases -potentially causing greater instability. This created a huge amount of waste, and environmentally, we weren't happy about that. So NOW, we are building our own containers, using entirely brand new components, and reducing waste by a staggering 90%!
The liner is moulded fiberglass with insulation built into it. All our pools are decked in hardwood timber to achieve a beautiful CRAFTED finish.

Delivery time?

Anticipated despatch/delivery is 16 weeks from payment of deposit.


Pricing is shown by model on the website. This is ex-factory. Lots of options available for heat pumps, swim jets, lighting, external stairs, WiFi, no external stairs etc. Delivery can be arranged, pricing subject to location within New Zealand. And of course, you can arrange your own transport if you want to.


Container Pools, in conjunction with Geneva Finance, are pleased to be able to offer finance on our pools, up to a five year term with interest rates from as low as 9.95% and deposits for as little as 25%. This is subject to Terms and Conditions and credit criteria may apply.