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There are many advantages to having a robust, above ground container swimming pool: A few of these are –

Minimal Earthworks

No costly excavations needed.

Less Fencing

Our container pools are higher than pool fencing requirements. So if you choose to install your container swimming pool as a freestanding unit, there is a significant fencing cost saving.


Ideal for small or difficult sites.


Manufactured exactly to your requirements


No Building Consent

(Conditions apply)


part of the charm is that our container swimming pools are highly manoeuvrable. So if you move house and want to take your pool with you, well, you can!

An affordable and effortless way to own a swimming pool is finally available for New Zealanders!

The brainchild of father and son team Michael and Joel Painter, Container Pools Ltd was formed early 2016.

There were three main drivers for the development of this business and products:

  • To provide an affordable, durable swimming pool system for New Zealanders.
  • To provide pool systems that could cope with New Zealand geographical and seismic conditions.
  • To provide a portable pool system so that the option to move the pool with the owners, would be viable.

Mike Painter

Mike has 40 years of experience in starting and growing his own businesses. Transport, hospitality, distribution, land development, Mike is an IDEAS man, always sales and customer service focussed, and brings to his businesses, a strong entrepreneurial nature, and an ability to think outside the square. He has an incredible work ethic and is a ‘comfortable’ person to deal with. He strives to create win-win situations.

Joel Painter

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Joel is eminently practical. Hard working and lateral thinking like his Dad, Joel also has a background in engineering; oil rigs and crane operation. He sees a problem –he solves it!

Research and Development has occurred using the best possible team of engineers; fibreglassers; builders; electricians; finishers and plumbers. All with one target in mind –to create a superior pool product. One able to stand up to New Zealand’s variable geographical, seismic, and weather conditions. Affordable. And not requiring pages of council consents!

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page or by ringing 0800POOLSNZ (0800766576) to chat with your local Container Pools Franchisee. We are here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pools made of?

BIG CHANGES with the arrival of our Generation 3 pools. Previously, our pools were constructed using 1 trip as new shipping containers. We never used the top half of the shipping containers because they aren't as strong as the bases -potentially causing greater instability. This created a huge amount of waste, and environmentally, we weren't happy about that. So NOW, we are building our own containers, using entirely brand new components, and reducing waste by a staggering 90%!
The liner is moulded fiberglass with insulation built into it. All our pools are decked in hardwood timber to achieve a beautiful CRAFTED finish.

Delivery time?

Anticipated despatch/delivery is 16 weeks from payment of deposit.


Pricing is shown by model on the website. This is ex-factory. Lots of options available for heat pumps, swim jets, lighting, external stairs, WiFi, no external stairs etc. Delivery can be arranged, pricing subject to location within New Zealand. And of course, you can arrange your own transport if you want to.


Container Pools, in conjunction with Geneva Finance, are pleased to be able to offer finance on our pools, up to a five year term with interest rates from as low as 9.95% and deposits for as little as 25%. This is subject to Terms and Conditions and credit criteria may apply.

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