1. What filtration systems do you offer?

  •    Standard Chlorine filtration
  •    Standard Salt filtration
  • Oxygenated Filtration System

2. OK, I want a Container Swimming Pool, but what needs to be done at home? 

You will need to choose a site were the Container Pool will fit. Remember if there is no accessible truck entry to the site we may need to hire a crane at your cost.

3. Do you install The Container Pool?

Yes we are here to help. We will happily provide delivery to your door, once we know were the Container Swimming Pool is going we can give you an estimate for the delivery cost. 

Once you have selected the site for your Container Swimming Pool;   

  • We will assess your site selection and offer you advice to help you make the right decision.
  • Ground preparation will need to be done. About 200mm of top soil needs to be removed and compacted GAP40 (driveway stones) needs to be laid for a solid foundation. This work can be done by us (at your cost) or by yourself. If you want us to do the ground preparation we will provide a quote.
  • Your selected site will need to be relatively close to a power point (within 20 metres). You can plug in your pool via our external caravan plug to a normal 240V wall socket. We suggest you use a certified surge protector for extra safety.

4. Can I bury the Container Swimming Pool into the ground? 

Our Container Pools range are designed as above ground pools. It is a better option to deck around the pool.

5. Can I have a heated Container Swimming Pool?

Yes, via a water heat pump. We recommend you have a look at this option as it will extend the times you will want to swim through the year. This option is slightly more expensive.