What are the pools made of?

Our pools are constructed using 1 trip, as new shipping containers. These containers are structurally modified and strengthened. At Container Pools New Zealand, we do NOT use the top half of the shipping container because it’s not as strong as the base, potentially, creating greater instability. The liner is moulded fibreglass with insulation built into the liner. All our pools are decked in hardwood timber to achieve a beautiful CRAFTED finish.

Delivery time?

12 weeks from payment of deposit.


Pricing is shown by model on the website.  This is ex-factory. Lots of options available for heat pumps, swim jets, lighting, external stairs, no external stairs etc. Delivery can be arranged, pricing subject to location within New Zealand. And of course, you can arrange your own transport if you want to.

Can we have a wider, longer pool by joining containers together?

Our pool sizes are pre-set due to the moulded fibreglass liner.  However, as our pools are BESPOKE, we may be able to alter the layout within the container for you.  For example, the Entertainer can be configured in an L shape.

What does BESPOKE mean?

All pools are constructed to individual order.  This not only means you can choose your colours inside and out, but whether you want external stairs, to deck around your pool, optional extras you may want. And of course, the staff at Container Pools New Zealand are here to advise and only ever a phone call –or drop in –away.

What filtration systems do you offer?

Chlorine is part of the standard fit out.  But you may choose to upgrade to SALT or MINERAL.

Can I clad the container in other materials?

Yes you can.  Please feel free to discuss with us.

How does the installation process work?

There are 2 options:

1.       DIY –we supply the pool ex-factory and you complete the installation yourself. We are only ever a phone call away to advise and assist.

2.       We offer a complete installation option.

What landscaping is needed?

Container Pools have an incredibly small footprint in relation to swimming volume.  The easiest and cheapest option is to install on level ground.  In that case you need to remove 200 mm of topsoil where your pool will be placed. This needs to cover an area equivalent to the size of the pool base plus an additional margin of 0.5m around the pool. Replace the removed top soil with GAP 40 or equivalent. Compact the metal area with a 60kg or larger compactor. Laser level the site to ensure that it is completely level.  But if your site is sloped or your desired aesthetic means you want to install on a slope, then a retaining wall may be required. Please feel free to discuss with us.

How are they installed?

The majority of our pools can be lifted in by Hiab. Where access is difficult, a crane may be used.  If driveway access is difficult for you, you could consider accessing from an adjoining property.  Should a crane be necessary, the overall cost is not prohibitive.  Please view our Facebook page to see videos of crane and Hiab installations.

Do they require Resource Consent?

The New Zealand Building Act has now been amended so that our above ground swimming pools no longer need resource consent in most cases. Conditions apply, so just ring to discuss your particular situation.

What maintenance is required?

The container is Core 10 steel, with a life expectancy of 50 years if maintained.  Just like your house, if the paintwork is damaged, it needs to be touched up.

Where did the Container Pool concept come from?

We were interested in that as well, so did some digging! It appears the first version of a containerized swimming pool originated in Germany in 2004. From there, various versions popped up throughout the world. However, we are the only New Zealand owned company producing Container Pools, using designs developed by New Zealand engineers to meet New Zealand geographical requirements.