How to Jazz Up Your Container Swimming Pool

Not only are container swimming pools affordable, they can be a statement feature of your back garden. Growing in popularity in homes across New Zealand and around the world, they afford an industrial chic to any property when done correctly.

But how do you do them correctly? What makes them go from an industrial container filled with water to an industrial-chic container pool that will make you the envy of your neighbours?

At Container Pool NZ, we have made it our mission to reimagine container pools for our clients, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to every design. All of our models come with additional options that jazz up your new container pool. In this blog, we cover a few of these options and how they can transform your back garden.

Swim jets for the aerobic swimmer

Jets for your swimming pool come with many benefits. If you have a small backyard and can only fit one of the smaller container pools in your garden, such as our Plunge model, adding jets can ensure you still get to enjoy a lengthy swim.

Not only are they the perfect option for fitness enthusiasts, they’re ideal for swimmers of any level, from beginners to the more advanced. Regular use can also help those suffering from arthritis and joint pain due to the buoyancy of the water.

Mood lighting for late night pool parties

If you want to make your pool the feature of your back garden and the envy of your neighbourhood, investing in mood lighting for your pool can make all the difference. Our LED light options come in a variety of colours that can also be set to change on a cycle, adding to the mood of your pool party. Best of all, the bulbs are only 42 watts, which means the lighting is consuming less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

Even for the nights at home when you don’t have any guests, lighting in your pool can make it that bit easier for you to enjoy swimming whenever you feel like it. This makes them perfect for winter when the days are shorter, and it gets darker much earlier.

 Heating for the cooler months

Can you imagine stepping foot in your container pool during winter? If you add heating as an option, then worrying about the weather will become a thing of the past. Not only is this great for keeping up your fitness routine throughout winter, it also ensures the pool party keeps going even when the summer evening starts to cool down.

Heated pools are also a great for your health. Cold water can increase respiratory ailments and cause you to involuntarily tense your muscles, which hinder the benefits of swimming for exercise and health. Keeping the temperature on the warmer side will ensure you get to enjoy your container pool all year round.

Stairwells & balustrades to enhance the design

Choosing to incorporate stairwells and balustrades to your container swimming pool is not only an important safety measure for those slippery surfaces but can also add a touch of class to your new back garden feature.

How you go about this depends entirely where you want your pool situated. Are you thinking about building a deck around it and creating an outdoor entertaining area? Maybe you’d prefer it to be a free-standing feature of your garden?

If you want to know more about the range of great options you can have with Container Pools NZ, feel free to get in touch!