Keeping Your Container Pool Crystal Clear

Helping you maintain your pool health is a priority for us at Container Pools New Zealand. We want you to enjoy an optimum swimming experience. Keeping your pool cover in place when the pool isn’t being used; regularly cleaning your filter and teaching the kids not to pee in the pool goes a long way towards maintaining crystal clear and sparkling clean water.

The term WATER BALANCE can be confusing. Basically you must not allow your swimming water to become too acidic or alkaline. It’s a bit like the story of The Three Bears, it has to be just right. High pH inactivates  chlorine -so in an alkaline pool, the sanitizer won’t be working at full strength to kill germs and bacteria. High or low pH can affect comfort of skin and eyes. And lastly, an unbalanced pool is corrosive to pool equipment. In fact; the leading cause of equipment failure and reduced equipment life is a poorly balanced pool.

Fear not! Each Container Swimming Pool comes supplied with a starter kit and easy to follow instructions showing you how to test your water, how often you should test it and explaining how to troubleshoot pH issues.

Our standard fit out uses chlorine water purification. There are advantages to this system -no additional costs; chlorine kills contaminants at first contact and it has a lasting residual effect. However, it can be harder to balance-a strong chlorine smell is a symptom of an unbalanced pool. To avoid these potential problems, more and more people are choosing to upgrade to a salt purification system.

Please don’t think a salt water system means a chlorine free pool. However, the chlorine is supplied in a salt form; always present so the chlorine is generated continuously and this avoids the build up of chloramines -the nasties that can sting your eyes and may cause skin reactions. At Container Pools we use Zodiacs Ei Xpert saltwater chlorinator, a system designed to be affordable and user friendly. Simple to operate; it takes the work out of maintaining you pool health -and less work means more swimming time!

Happy swimming!