3 Things You Need to Know About Container Pools

Our container pools are so versatile, they can be installed on any residential block with the minimum of fuss and can be taken with you if you decide to move. Our containers come in a range of shapes and sizes – there is something to suit everyone! Of all the above ground pools NZ offers, Container Pools NZ products have the most features. Here are 3 things you need to know:

1. Container Pools are Fully Customisable

Create your own unique look with one of our container pools. Unlike inground pools you can really put your own stamp on a container pool. Container pools are bespoke – you can order them with the exact look that you want!

The following choices are available:

·   Stand alone or decked

·   Plunge pools, entertainers, lap pools or dual spa options

·  The colour of the exterior and also the interior shell can be chosen by you

·  There is an option to include acrylic ‘windows’

·  The container can be painted with murals or graffiti art

·  Weathering for an industrial look is an option

2. They Have a High Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for our containers is 50 years and subject to maintenance and care. We use only one trip or as new containers and therefore only accept perfect containers as a part of our stock. Containers are totally rust proofed and we use industrial paints to ensure that your container pool gives you many many many years of swimming pleasure!

3. They Are Unaffected by Geological Factors

In ground pools can be detrimentally affected by both pool and geological factors. It is not uncommon for pools to ‘float up’ and in times of crisis, such as earthquake, for them to be destroyed completely. As container pools are completely ABOVE ground swimming pools, they will not get battered by underground events.

When it comes to portable swimming pools NZ residents are, more and more, choosing container pools. They are easy to relocate, will suit any sized backyard and look amazing! They are also very sturdy, and designed to give you decades of enjoyment and relaxation. Contact us for more information on above ground pools NZ areas.