How Residential Section Sizes No Longer Restrict Pool Ownership

With New Zealand’s major cities constantly expanding; high density living has become a more affordable path to home ownership. Shrinking section sizes helps counter rising land costs; but it usually means missing out on some of the luxuries that come with owning a larger block. One of those luxuries being a swimming pool.

The good news is, that no longer needs to be the case! Container Pools NZ have designed compact, affordable swimming pools built from shipping containers that can fit almost any section size. This means you no longer need to suffer through the warmer months or miss out on the enjoyment of owning a swimming pool.

Our pools come with many advantages. Installation requires minimal earthworks as the only concern with a container pool is ensuring a solid foundation (laying crushed rock or similar). This can save you a lot of money compared to installing a below ground pool. The height of the shipping container swimming pool is above pool fencing requirements if it’s installed as a freestanding unit, so no need to worry about safety or fencing regulations. Our pools are ideal for small block sizes and are built with space saving in mind. We even offer a range that comes with a spa and entertainment so you can enjoy the best of both worlds for the size of a shipping container!

A lot of our customers choose to purchase our pools because they are completely portable! Don’t leave behind your beloved swimming pool when you move house, simply take it with you. This also means you are not restricted when deciding on a new home; no matter the block size, our pools will more than likely fit!

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