The Benefits of Choosing a Container Pool

Container Pools are easy to install. The time in which it takes to set up your new pool will surprise you!

Once you have selected where you would like your new pool to go, you simply need to ensure you have access to power from the site and then remove the top layer of soil where the Container Pool will sit and replace it with crushed rock. This provides a solid base for your pool to sit on and will ensure the weight is evenly distributed so that it doesn’t sink into the ground. From there you simply fill the pool, plug it in and you’re done!

Shipping container pools are strong and resistant to earthquakes so no need to worry about your pool getting damaged during any type of natural disaster. This makes our Container Pools a great option as New Zealand can be prone to earthquakes.

Our Container Pools are a safer option than a standard pool as they are high off the ground with self-shutting gate so little ones wont accidentally fall in. They come with a safety gate which is the only way the pool can be accessed. Having only one point of entry makes it much harder for children to access the pool and means it’s a perfect choice for families with small children.

One of the best things about our pools is that they are completely portable! You can take your Container Pool with you when you move house or alternatively you can leave it and see the value of your property go up!

Don’t forget we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so if you have some ideas of how you would like to customise or modify your Container Pool, contact us to find out how.