Swim All Year Long In Your Container Swimming Pool

Let's talk HEAT PUMPS. At Container Pools New Zealand; we currently use 3 different sizes of heat pump -compact, medium and large! The size we recommend for your pool depends on the size of the container swimming pool you choose AND where you live. E.g. if you live in Otago and want to swim all year round without getting frostbite; you will need a larger heat pump!

As all Container Pools New Zealand pools are bespoke -built to order as per YOUR requirements - we can install your heat pump at construction OR at a later date. The latter is a good way of spreading costs. Having said that, heat pumps are not expensive, starting from $4500.

A heat pump supplies continuous, reliable heat for a lot less than you might think. Although a heat pump requires electricity to operate, it actually draws over 80% of its heat energy from the ambient air temperature - and it does this even if it 'feels' cold.

The heat pumps we use are 'Intell-Heat ready -you set the temperature and the heat pump does the work.

Talk to us today about heat pump options for your Container Pools New Zealand swimming pool.