Installing your Container Swimming Pool just got EVEN EASIER!

In most situations, it's incredibly easy to install a Container Swimming Pool. Especially, a Container Pools New Zealand pool; as we are always here to advise and help.

Minimum earthworks and container height above fencing regulations; means you lose the expense of deep excavations and of fencing your property.

Well now, it's even EASIER than that! The New Zealand Building Act has been amended so that pools such as our above ground container swimming pools, are NO longer required to apply for RESOURCE CONSENT. This is providing the pools are fully compliant with all swimming pool fencing regulations  (A protective fence of no less than 1.2 metre height). At Container Pools NZ we ship and install a range of container pools including plunge pools, entertainer, lap pool and dual spa. 

Our Container Pools are 1.53 metres in height and where access is via a side entry stairwell, that is fitted with a self-shutting childproof locking gate.

Conditions regarding NO RESOURCE CONSENT for Container Pools New Zealand pools can apply, so ring or email us to discuss your particular site.