Give Your Container Pool an Upgrade to the Internet of Things

Picture this: It’s Friday afternoon and you’ve been planning to go for a swim when you finish work, but now the weather has turned chilly and you don’t feel like jumping into an ice cold pool. By the time you get home, though, it’ll be too late to adjust the heating. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to update your settings remotely?

The good news is, now there is. AquaLink, the operating system that controls your container pool has recently released an upgrade: the iAquaLink, making your pool officially a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Keep reading to learn more about the IoT, as well as the benefits of upgrading your container pool operating system.

What is the Internet of Things?

Simply put, the IoT is a term to describe the interconnection of different devices, some of them everyday objects such as your washing machine, your fridge – or your swimming pool – via the internet. Almost anything you can think of that comes with an on/off switch can potentially join the ranks of the IoT.

But why? There are plenty of reasons why the IoT is the future of technology. Imagine waking up to your alarm clock that has already switched on your heater, turned on your coffee maker and started the jets in your container pool for your morning swim.

The future is connected, and that’s why the iAquaLink is the operating system your container pool needs.

Control your container pool from any device with iAquaLink

iAquaLink is designed to take the complexity out of pool automation. It delivers a user-friendly operating system, allowing you to control multiple devices in your pool with one simple intuitive interface. Access it from your smartphone, your tablet or any web-connected device, anywhere at any time!

The iAquaLink works in conjunction with the AquaLink TRi automation system, allowing you to turn the power on/off, adjust settings and control any product that is wired into your AquaLink system, such as cleaners and filtration devices. Some of the other controls include:

·         Desired temperatures (gas, heat pump and solar heaters)

·         Variable speed control

·         Chlorine output

·         LED lights

·         Water features, including jets

·         Control 4x power sockets and 3x power valve actuators

·         Assign labels to AUX for easy user selection of products and devices

·         Controlled by relocatable wired user interface and with iOS/Android apps

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends and accessories with Container Pools NZ

Whether you’re wanting to upgrade your container pool to the Internet of Things and control your settings in the palm of your hand, or you’re looking for other features and accessories, Container Pools NZ is your one-stop shop. Simply get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll be happy to have a chat with you about installing the AquaLink TRi operating system to your container pool.

How to Jazz Up Your Container Swimming Pool

Not only are container swimming pools affordable, they can be a statement feature of your back garden. Growing in popularity in homes across New Zealand and around the world, they afford an industrial chic to any property when done correctly.

But how do you do them correctly? What makes them go from an industrial container filled with water to an industrial-chic container pool that will make you the envy of your neighbours?

At Container Pool NZ, we have made it our mission to reimagine container pools for our clients, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to every design. All of our models come with additional options that jazz up your new container pool. In this blog, we cover a few of these options and how they can transform your back garden.

Swim jets for the aerobic swimmer

Jets for your swimming pool come with many benefits. If you have a small backyard and can only fit one of the smaller container pools in your garden, such as our Plunge model, adding jets can ensure you still get to enjoy a lengthy swim.

Not only are they the perfect option for fitness enthusiasts, they’re ideal for swimmers of any level, from beginners to the more advanced. Regular use can also help those suffering from arthritis and joint pain due to the buoyancy of the water.

Mood lighting for late night pool parties

If you want to make your pool the feature of your back garden and the envy of your neighbourhood, investing in mood lighting for your pool can make all the difference. Our LED light options come in a variety of colours that can also be set to change on a cycle, adding to the mood of your pool party. Best of all, the bulbs are only 42 watts, which means the lighting is consuming less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

Even for the nights at home when you don’t have any guests, lighting in your pool can make it that bit easier for you to enjoy swimming whenever you feel like it. This makes them perfect for winter when the days are shorter, and it gets darker much earlier.

 Heating for the cooler months

Can you imagine stepping foot in your container pool during winter? If you add heating as an option, then worrying about the weather will become a thing of the past. Not only is this great for keeping up your fitness routine throughout winter, it also ensures the pool party keeps going even when the summer evening starts to cool down.

Heated pools are also a great for your health. Cold water can increase respiratory ailments and cause you to involuntarily tense your muscles, which hinder the benefits of swimming for exercise and health. Keeping the temperature on the warmer side will ensure you get to enjoy your container pool all year round.

Stairwells & balustrades to enhance the design

Choosing to incorporate stairwells and balustrades to your container swimming pool is not only an important safety measure for those slippery surfaces but can also add a touch of class to your new back garden feature.

How you go about this depends entirely where you want your pool situated. Are you thinking about building a deck around it and creating an outdoor entertaining area? Maybe you’d prefer it to be a free-standing feature of your garden?

If you want to know more about the range of great options you can have with Container Pools NZ, feel free to get in touch!

Keeping Your Container Pool Crystal Clear

Helping you maintain your pool health is a priority for us at Container Pools New Zealand. We want you to enjoy an optimum swimming experience. Keeping your pool cover in place when the pool isn’t being used; regularly cleaning your filter and teaching the kids not to pee in the pool goes a long way towards maintaining crystal clear and sparkling clean water.

The term WATER BALANCE can be confusing. Basically you must not allow your swimming water to become too acidic or alkaline. It’s a bit like the story of The Three Bears, it has to be just right. High pH inactivates  chlorine -so in an alkaline pool, the sanitizer won’t be working at full strength to kill germs and bacteria. High or low pH can affect comfort of skin and eyes. And lastly, an unbalanced pool is corrosive to pool equipment. In fact; the leading cause of equipment failure and reduced equipment life is a poorly balanced pool.

Fear not! Each Container Swimming Pool comes supplied with a starter kit and easy to follow instructions showing you how to test your water, how often you should test it and explaining how to troubleshoot pH issues.

Our standard fit out uses chlorine water purification. There are advantages to this system -no additional costs; chlorine kills contaminants at first contact and it has a lasting residual effect. However, it can be harder to balance-a strong chlorine smell is a symptom of an unbalanced pool. To avoid these potential problems, more and more people are choosing to upgrade to a salt purification system.

Please don’t think a salt water system means a chlorine free pool. However, the chlorine is supplied in a salt form; always present so the chlorine is generated continuously and this avoids the build up of chloramines -the nasties that can sting your eyes and may cause skin reactions. At Container Pools we use Zodiacs Ei Xpert saltwater chlorinator, a system designed to be affordable and user friendly. Simple to operate; it takes the work out of maintaining you pool health -and less work means more swimming time!

Happy swimming!

Get fit with your swim jet!

A few days ago, one of our clients contacted us to not only sing the praises of his Container Pool but to also tell us about his 16kg weight loss! He has been dieting but also swimming everyday using the swim jet system we installed for him. 

He wanted his pool placed to capture his truly magnificent view; and with limited room available, The Plunge was ideal. His family get the enjoyment of swimming and playing in their container pool; and he gets all the benefits of a good workout.

Benefits Of Swimming

Swimming is a good all-round activity that helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. It also has the following benefits:

  • Cardiovascular but low impact 
  • Builds endurance
  • Builds muscle tone and strength
  • And a whole body exercise

Fitting a swim jet system to your Container Pool creates added resistance to swim against. This suits Beginner to Advanced swimmers alike; all in the privacy of your own home. 

Installing a Container Pool not only provides an economical way to relax; cool off; and have fun but also helps you get a great workout! 

Are You Alone In Your Container Pools Swimming Pool......?

Or is Artificial Intelligence in there with you?

With minimal effort from you; beneath your feet is crystal clear water -thanks to your ROBOTIC CLEANER.

Many factors need to be considered when choosing your Container Pool cleaning system. Purchase price of equipment; ongoing costs; numbers of users; environmental factors; time availability; whether your Container Pool is installed at your main house, commercial property or bach. 

This will be part of initial discussions; as you select your bespoke Container Pools New Zealand swimming pool package.

Robotic cleaners offer the best in technology for time poor swimmers; wanting the fastest, and most efficient cleaning system. Equipped with real artificial intelligence, ROBOTIC cleaners thoroughly clean your Container Swimming Pool without you lifting a finger. Depending on the model you use; some clean up to the waterline and with the simple press of a button, climb the pool wall and wait to be removed by you.

Call us today to discuss your Container Swimming Pool options. 

Swim All Year Long In Your Container Swimming Pool

Let's talk HEAT PUMPS. At Container Pools New Zealand; we currently use 3 different sizes of heat pump -compact, medium and large! The size we recommend for your pool depends on the size of the container swimming pool you choose AND where you live. E.g. if you live in Otago and want to swim all year round without getting frostbite; you will need a larger heat pump!

As all Container Pools New Zealand pools are bespoke -built to order as per YOUR requirements - we can install your heat pump at construction OR at a later date. The latter is a good way of spreading costs. Having said that, heat pumps are not expensive, starting from $4500.

A heat pump supplies continuous, reliable heat for a lot less than you might think. Although a heat pump requires electricity to operate, it actually draws over 80% of its heat energy from the ambient air temperature - and it does this even if it 'feels' cold.

The heat pumps we use are 'Intell-Heat ready -you set the temperature and the heat pump does the work.

Talk to us today about heat pump options for your Container Pools New Zealand swimming pool. 

Installing your Container Swimming Pool just got EVEN EASIER!

In most situations, it's incredibly easy to install a Container Swimming Pool. Especially, a Container Pools New Zealand pool; as we are always here to advise and help.

Minimum earthworks and container height above fencing regulations; means you lose the expense of deep excavations and of fencing your property.

Well now, it's even EASIER than that! The New Zealand Building Act has been amended so that pools such as our above ground container swimming pools, are NO longer required to apply for RESOURCE CONSENT. This is providing the pools are fully compliant with all swimming pool fencing regulations  (A protective fence of no less than 1.2 metre height). At Container Pools NZ we ship and install a range of container pools including plunge pools, entertainer, lap pool and dual spa. 

Our Container Pools are 1.53 metres in height and where access is via a side entry stairwell, that is fitted with a self-shutting childproof locking gate.

Conditions regarding NO RESOURCE CONSENT for Container Pools New Zealand pools can apply, so ring or email us to discuss your particular site. 


3 Things You Need to Know About Container Pools

Our container pools are so versatile, they can be installed on any residential block with the minimum of fuss and can be taken with you if you decide to move. Our containers come in a range of shapes and sizes – there is something to suit everyone! Of all the above ground pools NZ offers, Container Pools NZ products have the most features. Here are 3 things you need to know:

1. Container Pools are Fully Customisable

Create your own unique look with one of our container pools. Unlike inground pools you can really put your own stamp on a container pool. Container pools are bespoke – you can order them with the exact look that you want!

The following choices are available:

·   Stand alone or decked

·   Plunge pools, entertainers, lap pools or dual spa options

·  The colour of the exterior and also the interior shell can be chosen by you

·  There is an option to include acrylic ‘windows’

·  The container can be painted with murals or graffiti art

·  Weathering for an industrial look is an option

2. They Have a High Life Expectancy

The life expectancy for our containers is 50 years and subject to maintenance and care. We use only one trip or as new containers and therefore only accept perfect containers as a part of our stock. Containers are totally rust proofed and we use industrial paints to ensure that your container pool gives you many many many years of swimming pleasure!

3. They Are Unaffected by Geological Factors

In ground pools can be detrimentally affected by both pool and geological factors. It is not uncommon for pools to ‘float up’ and in times of crisis, such as earthquake, for them to be destroyed completely. As container pools are completely ABOVE ground swimming pools, they will not get battered by underground events.

When it comes to portable swimming pools NZ residents are, more and more, choosing container pools. They are easy to relocate, will suit any sized backyard and look amazing! They are also very sturdy, and designed to give you decades of enjoyment and relaxation. Contact us for more information on above ground pools NZ areas.

How Residential Section Sizes No Longer Restrict Pool Ownership

With New Zealand’s major cities constantly expanding; high density living has become a more affordable path to home ownership. Shrinking section sizes helps counter rising land costs; but it usually means missing out on some of the luxuries that come with owning a larger block. One of those luxuries being a swimming pool.

The good news is, that no longer needs to be the case! Container Pools NZ have designed compact, affordable swimming pools built from shipping containers that can fit almost any section size. This means you no longer need to suffer through the warmer months or miss out on the enjoyment of owning a swimming pool.

Our pools come with many advantages. Installation requires minimal earthworks as the only concern with a container pool is ensuring a solid foundation (laying crushed rock or similar). This can save you a lot of money compared to installing a below ground pool. The height of the shipping container swimming pool is above pool fencing requirements if it’s installed as a freestanding unit, so no need to worry about safety or fencing regulations. Our pools are ideal for small block sizes and are built with space saving in mind. We even offer a range that comes with a spa and entertainment so you can enjoy the best of both worlds for the size of a shipping container!

A lot of our customers choose to purchase our pools because they are completely portable! Don’t leave behind your beloved swimming pool when you move house, simply take it with you. This also means you are not restricted when deciding on a new home; no matter the block size, our pools will more than likely fit!

For more information, contact us today!

The Benefits of Choosing a Container Pool

Container Pools are easy to install. The time in which it takes to set up your new pool will surprise you!

Once you have selected where you would like your new pool to go, you simply need to ensure you have access to power from the site and then remove the top layer of soil where the Container Pool will sit and replace it with crushed rock. This provides a solid base for your pool to sit on and will ensure the weight is evenly distributed so that it doesn’t sink into the ground. From there you simply fill the pool, plug it in and you’re done!

Shipping container pools are strong and resistant to earthquakes so no need to worry about your pool getting damaged during any type of natural disaster. This makes our Container Pools a great option as New Zealand can be prone to earthquakes.

Our Container Pools are a safer option than a standard pool as they are high off the ground with self-shutting gate so little ones wont accidentally fall in. They come with a safety gate which is the only way the pool can be accessed. Having only one point of entry makes it much harder for children to access the pool and means it’s a perfect choice for families with small children.

One of the best things about our pools is that they are completely portable! You can take your Container Pool with you when you move house or alternatively you can leave it and see the value of your property go up!

Don’t forget we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction so if you have some ideas of how you would like to customise or modify your Container Pool, contact us to find out how.